The Si-Cura project has customized the management and therapeutic pathway of patients suffering from ulcerative colitis and chronic intestinal diseases in general.


The SI-CURA project ( was carried out by a group of research institutions and companies which, through specialized and transversal therapeutic approaches, offer treatment and monitoring solutions to people affected by Crohn's disease and of Ulcerative Colitis (or in a more general perspective linked to chronic intestinal diseases) through innovative tools and in line with the new trends in personalized medicine.


The Si-Cura project personalized the management and therapeutic pathway of patients affected by ulcerative colitis and chronic intestinal diseases in general, aiming at improving the patient's quality of life and their clinical situation and trying to improve public resource savings through rationalization of therapy.

The ideal around which the Si-Cura project was built is the uniqueness of the patient and the bi-directional and continuous doctor-patient relationship.

The Si-Cura project has improved the therapeutic efficacy, control and maintenance of clinical remission for patients with ulcerative colitis treated with the most modern biological therapies, ensuring that the outputs created by the project find a rapid channel of clinical application.

Results expected/achieved

SI-CURA met the initial expectations by creating the following integrated components:

Contribution granted

The contribution granted by the Apulia Region is €185,000

Final event

The final project event was held on 12/7/2021 (

Moderator: Marcello Dorian Donzella (GPI)

Interventions: Role of the Apulia Region in European Research & Development Funding (Dr. Loredana Capone, President of the Apulia Regional Council), Research Institutions and Companies in funded projects (Dr. Antonio Colangelo, GPI), Treatment of IBD: status of art and associated problems (Dr. Mauro Mastronardi, IRCCS S. De Bellis Castellana Grotte), Sciences-omics applied to the clinic (Dr. Marcello Chieppa, IRCCS S. De Bellis Castellana Grotte), Nutrition as an adjuvant to pharmacological treatment (Dr. Angelo Santino, CNR-ISPA Lecce), Biomarkers for personalized medicine (Prof. Michele Maffia, UniSalento), SI-CURA project, general organization (Dr. Marcello Dorian Donzella, GPI), Gastro-intestinal electronic medical record ( Eng. Antonello Capistrano, GPI), SW diet (Eng. Davide Mazzotta, S&S), Post-processing images of the endoscopic pill (Eng. Alessandro Leone, CNR-IMM Lecce), AI Agent for Post-processing images (Eng. Antonello Capistrano, GPI), Biosensor Array (Dr. Luca Francioso, CNR-IMM Lecce), Panel of new biomarkers (Prof. Anna Giudetti UniSalento), Market and potential identification (Dr. Elena Lia, INNEVA), Economic-financial effects (Dr. Gianni Foresio, COSET), Needs of patients and local response (Vincenzo Florio, M.I.Cro. Italia OdV), Future perspectives (Dr. Marcello Chieppa, IRCCS S. De Bellis Castellana Grotte), Conclusions (Dr. Marcello Dorian Donzella, GPI)